Sewer jetter nozzle

Bluestar Power Pull Nozzle LRG

"an outstanding hydrodynamic tool for very high application requirements"

Power Pull Nozzle LRG

Type: Sewer jetter nozzle

Precision engineered and manufactured of wear-resistant tempered steel, the Power Pull Nozzle is an ideal tool for the toughest applications. Its pattern of narrow, 7 degree water jets provides tremendous traction and cleaning performance in mountainous, difficult terrain. It’s a proven nozzle which cleans and removes sand, silt and large debris from sewer lines.

Technical description:
Bluestar Powerpull LRG sewer jetter nozzle for cleaning of pipes and sewer systems
Models / Variants
190 mm
100 mm
8x SW14 ASK
min 230 l/min
200 - 600 mm
7.7 kg

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