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The power of rotation and vibration in sewer jetter nozzles

Rotary and vibration nozzles are indispensable in sewer cleaning due to their specific functionality and efficiency.

Rotating nozzles generate a rotating water jet that produces a high cleaning power. The rotating movement helps to loosen solid deposits and impurities such as sludge, sediment or grease from the walls and floor of a sewer. As the water jet is distributed evenly, even hard-to-reach areas in narrow or curved pipes can be reached without any problems.
Vibration nozzles complement the rotary nozzles and remove stubborn deposits with vibration in addition to the use of a high-pressure water jet. These vibrations can effectively loosen and remove solid deposits such as concrete, cement or calcified residues. Vibrating nozzles break up blockages and break through the blockage in the sewer system. They are suitable for particularly heavily soiled sewer pipes.
Bluestar Nozzles Vibrationsdüsen und Rotationsdüsen für die Kanalreinigung

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