Pipe and sewer milling machines for sewer cleaning

Root cutters and milling cutters

Pipe and sewer milling for root ingrowth and blockages

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The right root cutters and milling cutters for every application

Root ingrowths are a common problem in sewer systems. In older or damaged pipes in particular, roots from the ground enter the sewer system and often lead to blockages.

Pipe and channel cutters and chain extractors are used to remove such roots. Cutters remove the blockage by mechanically cutting through the roots in the pipe. Foreign bodies and deposits in the pipe invert can also be shredded and removed with cutters to restore the flow.

Before repair work is carried out on sewer systems, cutters are often used to remove obstacles and reach the damaged area.

Bluestar Nozzles root cutters and milling cutters for sewer cleaning

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