Sewer jetter nozzle

Bluestar Emperor 360 Nozzle

"Ideal for tough substances and for basic cleaning"

Emperor 360 Nozzle

Type: Sewer jetter nozzle

This high performance nozzle is perfect for removing hard grease and scale that may be encrusted on the circumference of the pipe. The fan jets clean the pipe interior streak free 360°, while the propulsion nozzle inserts provide superior movement of obstructions such as encrusted grease, scale etc. to the manhole. The Emperor 360 nozzle is an indispensable hydromechanic tool prior to video inspection.

Technical description:
Bluestar Emperor 360 sewer jetter nozzle for cleaning of pipes and sewer systems
Models / Variants
10115S 10116S
1" 1 1/4"
190 mm 190 mm
110 mm 110 mm
6x SW14 ASK 6 x Fanjet 6x SW14 ASK 6 x Fanjet
15°/30° 15°/30°
min 230 l/min min 230 l/min
300 - 760 mm 300 - 760 mm
9.0 kg 9.0 kg

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