Sewer jetter nozzle

Typhoon Rocker Nozzle

"suitable for use in cast iron and plastic pipes"

Typhoon Rocker Nozzle

Type: Sewer cleaning nozzle, vibration nozzle

The Typhoon Rocker Nozzle is a vibrating sewer cleaning nozzle. Similar in looks to the Typhoon nozzle the “Rocker” is able to remove the toughest deposits from the bottom of pipes. The offset rotation of the rotor causes aggressive vibration which breaks up the deposits.

ATTENTION: The “Rocker Nozzle” is intended for use in plastic (HDPE, PVC etc…) and cast iron pipes only. Never use it in clay and concrete pipes!!!

Technical description:
We decline every demand for warranty!
Bluestar Typhoon Vibration Nozzle for cleaning of pipes and sewer systems
Models / Variants
10145SC 10146SC
1/2" 1"
79 mm 121 mm
42 mm 69 mm
7x M6 ISK 10x M6 ASK
90°/85°/25° 90°/85°/25°
min 70 l/min min 200 l/min
100 - 150 mm 150 - 400 mm
1.4 kg 2.5 kg

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