Root Cutter

Bluestar Raptor Chain Cutter

"Unsurpassed results in the removal of roots"

Raptor Chain Cutter

Type: Turbine tiller, chain slinger, root cutters

The Raptor Nozzle can be converted from a total blockage remover to a chain cutter with rigid guide skids capable of operating in 4” – 6” sewer lines (1/2” Raptor Chain Cutter) and 6” – 8” sewer lines (1” Raptor Chain Cutter) by unscrewing the drill head and attaching a chain retainer with chains.

The Raptor Nozzle is a powerful nozzle capable of removing heavy obstructions caused by roots, grease, or any other solid organic material quickly. Its tempered stainless steel drill head is turbine-driven and spins in the range of 6000 and 12000 rpm, depending on water flow and pressure. The Raptor Nozzle succeeds where standard  hydromechanic tools fail!

Bluestar Raptor Chain Cutter for removing roots and deposits in pipes and sewer systems
Models / Variants
10322 10323
1/2" 1"
108 mm 150 mm
55 mm 70 mm
3x M6 ISK F 3x M6 ISK R 3x M6 ISK F 6x M6 ASK R
22° 22°
min 60 l/min min 150 l/min
100 - 150 mm 150 - 200 mm
1.6 kg 3.1 kg

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