Sewer jetter nozzle

Bluestar Twister Nozzle

"the Twister nozzle was made to work under the toughest conditions"

Twister Nozzle

Type: Sewer cleaning nozzle, Rotary nozzle

The Twister rotary sewer nozzle is designed for cleaning 6“ to 24“ sewer and stormwater pipes. The Twister nozzle is operated by water coming from a pressurized hose and is comprised of three components: The drive contains propulsion jets, is constructed of stainless steel and requires no lubrication. The cleaning head includes multiple high performance ceramic inserts including one in front for opening blockages. The nozzle comes equipped with a rigid skid. The Twister nozzle is designed to operate in the toughest conditions such as grease, scaling, roots and tuberculation.

Technical description:
Bluestar Typhoon Rocker Rotation Nozzle for cleaning of pipes and sewer systems
Models / Variants
10890SC 10990SC 10991SC
3/4" 1" 1 1/4"
241 mm 241 mm 241 mm
95 mm 146 mm 146 mm
4xM8 ASK 6xM6 ISK 4xM8 ASK 6xM6 ISK 8xM10x1 ASK 6xM6 ISK
60°/12°/18° 60°/12°/18° 60°/12°/18°
min 150 l/min min 230 l/min min 330 l/min
100 - 400 mm 150 - 600 mm 150 - 600 mm
3.6 kg 3.6 kg 5.2 kg

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